Well, here we are. We have got to have all of these tiles finished by next week, and we will! We spent this week making final backup tiles and packing up finished tiles, which was a really good feeling. The packing part, not the backup tiles of course. The tile that has given us the most trouble throughout this project is labeled E2. It is the biggest tile in the mural, and its longest edge has cracked every time we have fired it, so it was time for a solution. We have decided to cut this tile in half horizontally in hopes that it will cooperate, but in the meantime I have learned that in the future when working with tiles, i will definitely make smaller ones.

Other than that, our last class was yesterday, so wish us luck for assembling all of our hard work next week!


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Should we be nervous at this point? Yes. We are so close to the deadline and we made new tiles yesterday, but in the hopes that we won’t actually need them. It is natural for anyone to be nervous when nearing the completion of a huge project, so I am still confident in our success. Next week we will be dedicated to glazing final tiles and reassessing what is actually going to be a problem in the final product. Personally, I feel as though at first we were a little strict on ourselves in what is an “acceptable” tile. The mural will be hanging up high where small details will not be visible to the viewer. That does not mean that we can slack off by any means, I simply feel as though an understanding of placement is required in assessing the final product. I can’t wait to see it!


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2013-04-10 15.21.35 2013-04-10 14.17.58 2013-04-10 14.15.58I had a video for you guys, but alas…no video upgrade. We are really cutting it close here. The builders are waiting for us.  We have made multiples of the final tiles in response to the many cracks and warps we have had so far. Tomorrow we will unload a bisque kiln and glaze.  I have full confidence in our work and that we will finish in time.

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We are getting so close to being finished with this project. These next couple of weeks are make or break for us, but we will make this work! We have continued making duplicates of each tile, so I feel as though at this point we are bound to produce a successful version of each tile in the mural. After that, we get to feel our success! The mural will go up on the new dorm on campus and we can finally relax. Campus room selection took place last Tuesday and I saw people signing up to live in the new dorm, and I was happy to know that our mural would soon be hanging on the front of it.

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Tile Therapy

Here in Tile Making Central, we look for ways to vent our frustration toward faulty tiles.  So far we have about a thirty percent rate of failure, including warping, cracking and the occasional explosion.  We’ve found that the best way to stay sane is to take out our greviances on the broken tiles by breaking them further.  Breaking them into smithereens.  With sledge hammers.


Sincerely and sanely yours,


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Halfway There!

This week we put all of the tiles together to see how far along we are, and it looks great so far! We’ve still got quite a few tiles to make before we are actually finished with the entire piece, but it was nice to see that our hard work is indeed paying off. The tiles have been cracking a lot along the edges, so we have decided to make duplicates of the remainder of them. The larger tiles have been especially problematic, so we’ll have to make them at least 3 times each. Looks like we’ll be using a lot of clay and outside of class time to get this thing finished before the semester ends. Wish us luck!

Here’s what the mural looks like so far:


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Martha mixing glaze, two of the tiles that were redone today, and Emily working on some re-dos. rt.

917 912 913 916

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